The most wonderful, beautiful, thing about the art of magic is that anyone can learn it. Why?

Jack Delvin School Of Magic

If you are just starting out, Jack Delvin can teach you the right way to learn and perform magic.
School of Magic is tailored to suit each student’s ability and personality.
If you are just starting out, Jack Delvin is the key to teach you the right way to learn and perform magic.

How can Jack make it happen for you?

The Magic Mentor

The performance of good magic is not just the ability to do a few tricks. No way. In addition to collecting together a group of excellent tricks you have to have the natural, or learnt, ability to put them over to make them appear to be truly magical and/or extremely funny. Just think of the difference between Tommy Cooper and Derren Brown.

After 70 years performing as a professional magician, I truly believe that I am in a position to help any would be magician, or any pro who wishes to reach the next rung in the ladder. If you have been bitten by the magic bug I think what I am going to tell you now may be the very best, most wonderful thing you will hear at whatever stage you are at today in your magical life.

New Ebook

Now that my five years reign as President of world famous The Magic Circle has just come to an end, I am in a position to offer all my magical experience to you, personally, in the form of a fantastic KINDLE called THE REAL SECRETS OF MAGIC. This tells you everything you need to know, be you a beginner or an established entertainer, in order to improve your knowledge and enable you to have the confidence and ability to entertain your friends at school, become a popular character in your later life as an accomplished amateur , or even make a fascinating living as a full time professional – the next Dynamo. It may interest you to know that it was I who called Dynamo to his present position of magical eminence as a Member of The Inner Magic Circle.

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  • I've had the privilege of seeing Jack perform most of the effects in

    this publication. I've seen him put in to practice the advice he is giving. Trust works. The Real Secrets of Magic is the distillation of over 50 years of magical knowledge and experience. Beginner or old hand...there's something for everybody.

  • The Real Secrets of Magic contains a veritable cornucopia of tricks and tips from Jack's long life as a professional magician.  In covering all branches of magic, it would be hard to see how anybody, whatever their interest or experience in magic, couldn't get something of value from such an encyclopedic treatise.
  • Jack has been practicing, polishing and performing magic for more decades than would be polite to say. It is rare that a magician of this many years' experience is prepared to share not only the secrets of his tricks (apparently more than a hundred of them) but also all his tips and touches, the REAL secrets that turn the execution of tricks into the performance of Magic. Thank you, Jack, for revealing all...  Well, almost all
  • WOW!
  • What I've read so far - GREAT!
  • The Real Secrets of Magic literally has something for everybody, with advice for beginners to the working pro and in every conceivable situation - Jack's done it all. Perhaps if you ask Jack nicely he'll send you a copy of the contents pages so you can see how much this E-book covers.
  • At only 10p per trick it's gotta be good! That said, it has never been clearer that the real secrets of magic are not the methods behind each of the tricks but the performance and personality of the performer. It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it.