How to get the best value from using Jack’s Magic.

We highly recommend all magicians to invest in the new Book: Delving Into Magic. It only costs £15 and contains information worth many, many, times more than such a paltry sum. DELVING INTO MAGIC is A4 size and has over 130 pages that include all of the 100 or so tricks and routines from the E-Book – The Real Secrets of Magic – but in this case in hard print format.

In addition to the knowledge gathered by Jack in his 70 years as a successful professional magician, there are 100 tricks fully explained. We also offer, at extremely reasonable rates, several of the tricks with first class instructions on how best to perform them, plus the necessary props. This way you can learn all about them first and decide if they are really for you.

Everything we say, do, and offer, has just one aim in mind – to help you achieve the highest level in magic that you possibly can commensurate with your ability, personality, practice and passion.

It is not your money Jack is after – it’s your success in magic!
magic-circle-coin Illusionist Jack Delvin has been a professional illusionist for over 50 years, in his career he has performed for the Sultan of Brunei and at leading theatres including the London Palladium and Her Majesty’s Theatre. He has also appeared and advised on television shows such as One Foot in the Grave and Noel Edmond’s House Party.
boschMagic consists in creating, by misdirection of the senses, the mental impression as a supernatural agency at work.
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