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January 19, 2016
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Card at any Number, a special PLUS item

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Basically you have three cards chosen by members of your audience in three different ways.

You start off by spreading the deck showing the cards to be all different.

Youd the cards from the top on one palm of the first customer asking them to say stop. Show them the card stopped at – preferably keeping it secret from the rest of the audience.

Do a similar job on the next customer but asking them first to call out a small number. Count down to that number and show them their chosen card.

Finally spread the pack face down and allow the final customer to choose any card. Thus you get three cards freely chosen, selected by three members of your audience where only they know the chosen cards.

You get them to stand up and you hold up a whiteboard in front of them on which you have written three cards. You ask the three members of the audience to sit down if their card is included in the three shown on the board. They all sit down because you have correctly predicted all three cards!

Card at any Number, a special PLUS item.

You get a spectator to choose a card and then have the card pushed back anywhere in the pack. You shuffle the cards losing the chosen card somewhere in the middle.

You then ask someone else to name any number from 1 to 52.

You get the spectator to count the cards facedown until they arrive at their freely chosen number and to turn this card face-up. It is of course the freely chosen card – after all you are a magician!

So there you are – two tricks for the price of one!

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