Kindle Ebook, The Real Secrets Of Magic


How to do over 100 fantastic magic tricks. Over 230 pages of magical gold


An amazing KINDLE by JACK DELVIN, M.I.M.C.

Knowledge from over 70 years experience as a pro

How to do over 100 fantastic magic tricks

Over 230 pages of magical gold

An ideal present for anyone who is interested in magic. Or treat yourself – you won’t regret it.

A whole life’s work for only £9.99

The most wonderful, beautiful, thing about the art of magic is that anyone can learn it. Why?

Most people think that to be a magician you have to be extremely dextrous with your hands, but that is not necessarily so. Some tricks are entirely self-working, relying on clever subtleties, crafty apparatus, or what magicians call gimmicks. All you need is the knowledge.

You can perform magic anywhere, anytime, anyhow, amuse and amaze people and make them happy; and, what’s more, make yourself happy at the same time. The performance of good magic is not just the ability to do a few tricks. No way. In addition to collecting together a group of excellent tricks you have to have the natural, or learnt, ability to put them over to make them appear to be truly magical and/or extremely funny. Just think of the difference between Tommy Cooper and Derren Brown.

After 70 years performing as a professional magician, I truly believe that I am in a position to help any would be magician, or any pro who wishes to reach the next rung in the ladder. If you have been bitten by the magic bug I think what I am going to tell you now may be the very best, most wonderful thing you will hear at whatever stage you are at today in your magical life.

Now that my five years reign as President of world famous The Magic Circle has just come to an end, I am in a position to offer all my magical experience to you, personally, in the form of a fantastic KINDLE called THE REAL SECRETS OF MAGIC. This tells you everything you need to know, be you a beginner or an established entertainer, in order to improve your knowledge and enable you to have the confidence and ability to entertain your friends at school, become a popular character in your later life as an accomplished amateur , or even make a fascinating living as a full time professional – the next Dynamo.

It may interest you to know that it was I who called Dynamo to his present position of magical eminence as a Member of The Inner Magic Circle.

Learn the knowledge gained by an extremely successful performer after 70 years as a top flight magician who started in the old time music halls, progressed through appearances on radio and television, and is now, even at his very great age – in his eighties –, still performing in the latest successfully popular magical environment – table hopping in a leading restaurant.